Trends in fashion are always changing, but trends still exist at all times. Whether it's a little girl or an elegant woman who dresses up, trends are already melted in her clothes. When trends meet style in a piece of clothes, there is no boundary between the young and the old. Making this possible for any woman who enjoys to create her own style becomes Kellee's blissful work pieces. 

Kellee creates her pieces mixed with fashion trends, comfortable fitting, high quality fabrics, and her passion. 

Kellee will keep up with wonderful work for beautiful yet reasonable clothes for you.


Comfortable Design
Design by Kellee is focused on comfortable fitting and motion,  keeping the basics, and modern elements. 

Luxurious Fabric
Fabric quality is a crucial element in design. It sometimes even decides to give its design vitality or dullness. Therefore we put the high priority on developing and selecting fabrics with high quality.

Transparent Pricing
One of our most important goal is to provide women stylish clothes with luxurious fabric at the reasonable price point. We put every effort to eliminate unnecessary costs from our design desk to your fitting room.